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Analogous color contrast April 19, 2012

Posted by petitblogbymoi in Fashion.
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Analogous color contrast
Analogous color contrast by keekii featuring a silk shawl
I felt like making a polyvore set after reading about color contrasts. If you don’t know what color contrast is then I will recommend Imogen’s blog: insideoutstyleblog.com, which has lots of other useful information. I have been ‘studying’ her articles and videos religiously these past few days, lol!
I am light summer and has low contrast, but as my hair is blond and eyes blue-green my color contrast is somewhere between monochromatic and analogous. I have read many places that light summer look good in monochromatic color schemes but being able to wear analogous colors give me so many new options! I really like how harmonious it looks when you pair neighboring colors on the color wheel, like pink + red, blue + green, green + yellow etc. I tried to pair coral with yellow, as orange is not an option for me.  I think I like the outfit with the purple cardigan and blue scarf the best, but the yellow and green looks surprisingly good to me, something I would never have thought of wearing before.
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1. Imogen Lamport - September 28, 2012

Thanks for the link and recommendation!

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